Research residency on gender and sexuality.


2nd. Edition. June / July 2021

The ESPACIO DE FALA Residency is an instance of group work and collaborative debate and reflection on contemporary art in relation to the issue of gender and sexual diversity; as well as an exchange opportunity with local agents and organizations.

The Residency has a face-to-face mode and ends with an OpenStudio of presentation in São Paulo, Brazil.


The way we decide to live and how we think
is in permanent tension. They demand each other.
Ideologies are in conflict and erupt in subjects, in how
we establish relationships with others, in how we are

able to include differences, and in how we set boun-

Living together requires us personally and co-
llectively. Subjectively and politically.

In order to face these tensions, we propose the creation of the ESPACIO DE FALA Residency, with the aim of creating a common debate space where we will face – from our experiences and contemporary art – these tensions.

We are going to search for the encounter between the problems of gender and sexual diversity, about the possible subjectivities and about the economic, cultural and moral models that build and administer us.

And how we can build Freedom and Resistance.

The path of feminisms, gender studies and sexual diversity has been long, and its consequences demand us. Let’s think about their strategies and insist on their revolutionary ability.

From sexual and gender dissent, from the trans, the queer, the non-monogamous, the non-binary, excluded communities and subjectivities, the new masculinities, the public, the private and the intimate, from it’s other aesthetics and poetics for a review of it’s politics.

In this context, the residency program seeks to investigate the Latin American panorama by plotting the production of possible associations, their visibility and means of circulation, their complexity and the struggles and demands against the hegemony of patriarchy in contemporary art practices in the continent.

Based on social phenomena, cultural manifestations and linking political, cultural and artistic variables, we will structure and describe a conceptual framework that works as:

as a tool to think about gender studies and theories of sexual dissidence.

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Characteristics of the residence.

The ESPACIO DE FALA Residency takes place in two consecutive months (June and July) in periods of 17 days.

Both periods have the + file option, which extends the residency for 1 additional month (in total 45 days) to deepen the contents.


[17 days]

  • 7th to 23rd of June 2021
  • 5th to 21st of July 2021

residency +arquivo

[45 days]

  • 7th of June to 22nd of July 2021
  • 5th of July to 19th of August 2021





The Residence is designed in a broad and inclusive way, articulating the previous knowledge of the participants, and the coordination and research team. Therefore we do not require specific prior knowledge.

Art and Culture

Intended for art and culture professionals, such as artists, educators, curators, teachers, gallery owners, collectors, civil servants, selfmanagements managers, cultural managers and other cultural agents; from the areas of visual arts, music, theater, cinema and literature.

Art and social Sciences

Oriented to professionals in architecture, psychology, sociology, anthropology, journalism, social communication, social work, economics, philosophy and other professional areas.


and start the registration process
(until March 31, 2021)




The Residences are spaces of relationship with other people who work in art and social sciences, for the strengthening of networks of work and trust.

experiential knowledge

We want to learn from the face-to-face experience of being close and learning to live together.

joint learning

We propose a learning instance where the people involved in the work participate in the processes of the others.


The Residences are moments to share our daily lives with people from other latitudes and with different ways of life.

What are we going

to do together?

  • Presentation of Portfolios of the residents.
  • Contemporary Art Seminar (2 days).
  • Master Classes: 1. Intersectionality (2 hours) and 2. Raciality (2 hours).
  • Work meetings and research tutoring.
  • Group visits to organizations, feminist and lgtbqi + groups in São Paulo (Brazil).
  • Meetings with specialists on the subject.

What includes?

  • Accommodation in a shared dormitory with breakfast; use of Uberbau_house common spaces: kitchen, laundry, lounge and living room.
  • Free and free access to all Uberbau_house activities.
  • Free access to the Ideological Reserve library and contemporary art archive.
  • Inclusion in online publication and research fanzine.
  • Final participation in OpenStudio 

What does not include?

  • Tickets to and from the place of residence.
  • Lunches and dinners. Group meals will be planned.

Argelia Bravo (VE)

Arthur Omar (BR)

Gender identity law

lgtbqi+  Fight Bolivia

Carlos Motta (CO)

Socialist suffragettes



  • Registration: March 1 to 31, 2021.
  • Selection of participants: April 1 to 7, 2021.
  • Residency periods:
    • June 2021
    • June – July 2021
    • July 2021
    • July – August 2021

lets talk.


participation fee.

  • RESIDENCY (17 DAYS): The Participation Fee is US$950 (nine hundred and fifty US dollars) in national currency*
  • RESIDENCY + file (45 DAYS): The Participation Fee is US$2,000 (two thousand North American dollars) in national currency*

payment facilities

    • 7% discount in one payment US$880.
    • 2 payments of US$475 each one.
  • RESIDENCy +arquivo (45 DÍAS)
    • 7% discount in one payment US$1.860.
    • 2 payments of US$1.000 each one.

More information on forms and dates of Payment is available in the Informative Fanzine and in the Information Talk.

*Payments are made in the national currency of the country where you live.



physical address  

Av. Ipiranga 200, Bloco D, Departamento 222

Edificio Copán. São Paulo, Brazil

work team

  • Research accompaniment coordinators
  • Research and content development team.
  • 2 master class teachers on specialized topics

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Our experience.

cooperativa de arte together with Curatoría Forense – Latinoamérica have developed for more than 15 years collective pedagogical activities, collaborative research and publications that we use and are academic, debate and management references throughout Latin America.
| 47 collective residences | 45 individual residences | 412 residents | 8 books | 8 fanzines | 4 informative maps | +500 freely available items | +100 seminars in cities in 9 Latin American countries and 6 in Europe |

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(until March 31, 2021)