Cooperativa de Arte is an autonomous initiative that since January of 2015 has the objective of producing Contemporary Art Residences, together with autonomous local management in Latin America, and in relation to the conceptualization of work models in residential projects carried out by Curatoría Forense – Latinoamerica (from 2010).

The Residency Program aims to facilitate instances of group, collective and collaborative work; for conversation and debate, research and production of contemporary art.

Cooperativa de Arte has already produce more than 40 residences in different cities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

Were coordinators of the residencies organised by Cooperativa de Arte:
  • Diego Poblete (CH) – 2013 / 2018
  • Dafne Valdivia (MX) – 2017 hasta la actualidad
  • Gachi Prieto (AR) – 2018 hasta la actualidad
  • Giuseppe de Bernardi (PE) – 2016
  • Guadalupe Ortega Blasco (AR) – 2015
  • Laura Khalloub (AR) – 2016 / 2018
  • Lole Muñoz (CH) – 2016
  • Marina Torre (BR) – 2016
  • María Fernanda Huerta (MX) – 2016 hasta la actualidad
  • Nicolás Bertona (AR) – 2015
  • Paola Fabres (BR) – 2016 / 2018
  • Rodolfo Sala (AR) – 2016 / 2018
  • Verónica Toscano (MX) – 2015

Jorge Sepúlveda T.

Jorge Sepúlveda T. (n.171 Chile). Curator, researcher and critic of contemporary art. Coordinator and founder of Curatoría Forense – Latinoamérica (2005), Editorial Curatoría Forense (2013), Cooperativa de Arte (2015), the art research center Uberbau_house (São Paulo, Brazil, 2016) and VADB community – Contemporary Latin American art 2016) among other initiatives.

He has organized and advised more than 40 contemporary artist exhibitions, managed and coordinated more than 40 art group residences in 8 Latin American countries and more than 30 individual research residences in Uberbau_house with the participation of over 500 residents from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

He has published more than 250 articles of analysis, 7 books and 12 fanzines that are the result of the investigation and coordination of work groups on contemporary visual arts, autonomous management of contemporary art, art system, public funds, artistic imaginary and social imaginary among others.

He has held seminars and talks in various institutions and spaces in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

He has published articles in various international media including Documenta 12 Magazine, SalonKritik, Artenlinea, ArteyCrítica, Revista Plus,  Alzaprima, Terremoto and Esfera Pública.

Guillermina Bustos

Artist and art researcher. Degree in Art, from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina; and Master of Arts, mention of Visual Arts from the University of Chile, mainly investigated the capacity of contemporary art as a methodology of research on cultural phenomena.

She has received scholarships and prizes for the production, research and curator of contemporary art. She has made more than 25 exhibitions between Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico; of individual, group and collective character.

She has published 4 books and 12 fanzines that are the product of collaborative research with working groups on contemporary arts in relation to social processes, autonomous management of contemporary art, local scenes, among others.

She currently works in the contemporary art research team Curatoría Forense – Latinoamérica, in the coordination of residences and production of seminars in Cooperativa de Arte. She is the coordinator of the research center and residences Uberbau_house (São Paulo, Brazil), the library Reserva Ideológica (São Paulo, Brazil), and the VADB community – contemporary Latin American art, among other initiatives.

Jimena Elias (AR)
Visual artist and designer

Federico de la Puente (AR)
Independent Curator.

Romina Estecher (AR)
Visual Artist and Art Manager.

Luciana Serrano (AR)
Visual Artist and Anthropologist.

Belén Charpentier (AR)
Visual artist, producer and communicator.

Adriene Coelho (BR)
Visual Artist and Teacher